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Undocumented Latino Father Hugging his Two Children - BartonWood

Can You Get Custody of Your Child if You are Undocumented?

Being an undocumented immigrant living in Utah, or anywhere in the United States, has its share of uncertainties. Many people prefer to live “below the radar,” avoiding contact with the legal system to avoid drawing the attention of the a… Read More
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Categories: Child Custody
Grandparents Visitation Rights - Grandmother Cooking with Grandchild - BartonWood

Can Grandparents Get Visitation Rights in Utah?

For most grandparents, there’s no love like the one you have for your child’s own child. Many of the grandparents we know describe the experience of spending time with their grandchildren as being even more enjoyable than parenting, since… Read More
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Clock and Calculator - 2018 taxes and alimony - BartonWood

How Will Tax Reform Affect Alimony?

Congress recently passed the most significant tax reform in decades, and many people are wondering how it will affect them. Much attention has been paid to what deductions will be available to taxpayers, but some deductions haven’t received muc… Read More
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Categories: Alimony

Your Quick Guide To Utah Holiday Parent Time

Holiday parent time can be confusing. The confusion stems from the fact that holidays alternate from parent to parent depending on odd and even years. Thornier still is that holidays take precedence over regular parent time. Despite the potential for… Read More
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Helpful Parenting Tips Now That Your Child is Back in School

When you are in the midst of a divorce or custody dispute, navigating your parent time and your children’s schedules can be difficult. It takes time for parents and children to accustom themselves to a new schedule that involves two homes and split… Read More
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