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Portrait of happy father with two sons hanging pictures on wall while moving in to dad's new home, concept for Tips for Making Smoother Parenting Time Transitions

Tips for Making Smoother Parenting Time Transitions

Living in two houses can be tough for a child, and one of the most difficult aspects of splitting time between parents is the transition. Children need routine — depending on their age, moving between parents can impact their sense of stability and… Read More
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Girl in father's arms helping him cooking his new partner is watching them from the background: concept for How To Introduce Your Child To A New Partner

Helping Your Child Deal With a Parent’s New Partner

As hard as divorce can be for parents, in some ways, it is even more challenging for children, who have even less control over the situation. It takes time for children to adjust to their parents living apart, and to the new routines that may need to… Read More
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A multi-ethnic blended family of five standing together outdoors in their front yard, smiling and laughing, looking at the camera. The African-American father is in his 40s. Their son and daughter from his prior marriage are 13 year old twins, mixed race African-American and Caucasian. The mother is in her 30s and their youngest son from her prior marriage is 11 years old.

Challenges for Blended Families

A senior emergency room doctor we know used to assign challenging cases to interns with the introduction, “I have an opportunity for you to excel.” He wasn’t being sarcastic; he wanted to positively reframe a task that might have seemed dauntin… Read More
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Young girl resting in a box next to teddy bear after relocating with after divorce.

Relocating With Your Child After Divorce: Proving Relocation is Best for Your Child

Divorce is a major life change, for both the divorcing spouses and their children. Typically, after a divorce, it is ideal for parents to live near enough to one another for both of them to spend time regularly with the children. But life often conti… Read More
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Divorce Tips for Dads

Divorce Survival Tips for Dads

Divorce is hard under the best of circumstances. If you’re a father of minor children, it’s even harder. Not only do you have to deal with the loss of your marriage, and the financial upheaval that goes with it, you are facing a possible disrupti… Read More
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Baby walking with help of parents

What are Stepparents’ Rights in Utah?

Despite how stepparents are portrayed in fairy tales, in real life, they often have excellent relationships with their stepchildren—in some cases, a better relationship than the child has with his or her natural parent, especially if that parent ha… Read More
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cute little asian girl expression is not happy - BartonWood

What is Parental Alienation?

Even the most amicable divorce can be hard on the young children of the divorcing couple: routines get disrupted, there’s shuttling back and forth between two homes, and things just aren’t like they used to be. But when parental alienation enters… Read More
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mother and son holding hands while jumping on the beach at sunset. - BartonWood

Planning for Summer Vacation With Your Children After Divorce

“Summertime, and the living is easy.” Whoever first penned those words wasn’t a recently divorced parent with kids, who has a limited amount of vacation time, custody issues, and an ex-spouse who may or may not be cooperative with their plans.… Read More
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Mother holding a baby writing her schedule on a white board - BartonWood

How Detailed Should Your Parenting Plan Be?

Creating a parenting plan is an essential part of any divorce involving minor children, or case in which child custody is an issue. Your parenting plan is the “private law” of your co-parenting relationship, outlining everyone’s rights and resp… Read More
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Holiday Pine Cone - BartonWood

Navigating the Holidays After Divorce

Ah, the holidays, when everything sparkles and glitters, and the air is filled with expectation. Certain TV channels devote their entire lineup to romantic Christmas movies and tales of family togetherness, and radio stations play Christmas songs non… Read More
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