Why Choose BartonWood

The lawyer or law firm you choose makes a difference in the outcome of any legal matter, and that is especially true in a divorce or other family law case. The resolution of your dispute is important, of course, but so is your experience of the legal process. Divorce, custody, support, and other family law issues are stressful. It is important to work with a law firm that has not only legal knowledge and skills, but the ability to help you navigate the challenges of a family law case.

At BartonWood, we are honored when our clients place their confidence in us, and do everything we can to be worthy of their trust. Here are some of the many reasons that clients choose Kara Lee Barton and Ashley Wood to represent them.


Simply put, there is no substitute for experience. BartonWood has been a fixture in the Salt Lake City legal community since 2001. Kara Lee Barton and Ashley Wood concentrate their practice exclusively in family law; their depth of knowledge is unmatched by attorneys whose practice lacks that focus. Because of this, they are better able to plan and strategize for the unique needs of every family law case.

BartonWood’s experience extends to the most challenging and sensitive family law issues, such as high-conflict custody and complex financials. These situations, if not handled with skill, can dramatically increase both the financial and emotional cost of a divorce.


Let’s face it: divorce and family law cases can be expensive. But they shouldn’t be more costly than necessary. BartonWood’s experience in family law matters makes it easier for us to handle your needs not only thoroughly and well, but efficiently. That leaves more money in your pocket with which to prepare for the future after your dispute is resolved.


A good outcome in your case is not as satisfying when you don’t feel that it was achieved in an honest, aboveboard way. BartonWood is widely respected for honesty and ethics, not only with clients but with the courts and with opposing counsel. When you can trust your attorneys to do the right thing, the legal process is less stressful and you can feel better about the result.


The entire BartonWood team understands that divorce and family law issues are not only legal matters, but deeply personal ones. They have a profound impact on your future and that of your children; in short, there is a lot on the line. That fact, combined with the reality that the process is unfamiliar for most people, means that family law matters have the potential to be deeply stressful.

At a time when emotions are high and you need to make consequential decisions, it is important to have clear-headed, compassionate guidance. Kara Lee Barton and Ashley Wood provide the support and counsel you need to navigate the legal process and do what is right for your family’s future.

To learn more about why clients choose BartonWood for their family law matters, read what our clients say about us, and call us at (801) 326-8300 or contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you.