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Protecting Your Family Business From Divorce

If you have a family business, chances are it is not only a source of income, but of pride. Whether it was handed down from your parents or grandparents, or you built it from the ground up, it is likely that you have a deep personal (not to mention f… Read More
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Categories: Assets & Debt
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What You Need to Know About Social Security if You’re Getting Divorced

If you are getting divorced, you have a lot of financial details to sort out. Who will get what property? How will you divide up your marital debt? Will you have to pay alimony? Will you be able to receive it? But one thing you probably haven’t tho… Read More
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Categories: Assets & Debt
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Should You Move Out Before the Divorce is Final?

Few things are more uncomfortable than living with someone with whom you are not getting along. When “not getting along” rises to the level of “getting a divorce,” the discomfort level can get turned up to the max. An obvious solution would b… Read More
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Four Tips for Sharing Your Home During a Divorce

Every marriage, and every divorce, is different. But most divorces have at least two things in common: financial stress and tense relations between the parties. If one spouse is able to move out of the home they shared, some of the tension may be rel… Read More
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What Can’t Go in a Utah Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements, commonly called “prenups,” can be very useful in laying the groundwork for a marriage and, if it eventually becomes necessary, a divorce. Prenups help couples get on the same page regarding a variety of issues, most of them… Read More
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Categories: Alimony, Assets & Debt
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Does It Matter When You File for Divorce?

When we ask the question, “Does it matter when you file for divorce?” we’re not asking if you should, say, wait to file until after Christmas or until the kids are in college. Instead, we’re referring to a question we occasion… Read More
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Categories: Assets & Debt
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What is Parental Alienation?

Even the most amicable divorce can be hard on the young children of the divorcing couple: routines get disrupted, there’s shuttling back and forth between two homes, and things just aren’t like they used to be. But when parental alienation enters… Read More
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Planning for Summer Vacation With Your Children After Divorce

“Summertime, and the living is easy.” Whoever first penned those words wasn’t a recently divorced parent with kids, who has a limited amount of vacation time, custody issues, and an ex-spouse who may or may not be cooperative with their plans.… Read More
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If Your Spouse Hid Assets in Your Divorce

Divorce involves an unwinding of two lives that have been entwined and grown together, perhaps for many years. Part of the process of making your two lives separate again involves distributing the marital property and debt. In Utah, you and your spou… Read More
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Categories: Assets & Debt
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How Detailed Should Your Parenting Plan Be?

Creating a parenting plan is an essential part of any divorce involving minor children, or case in which child custody is an issue. Your parenting plan is the “private law” of your co-parenting relationship, outlining everyone’s rights and resp… Read More
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