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divorce mediation

The Advantages of Divorce Mediation

When we were children, most of us couldn’t wait to grow up. It wasn’t so much the responsibilities of adulthood that we were after, but the ability to have control over the details of our lives. We wanted to set our own bedtimes, choose our own c… Read More
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establishing paternity

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

When a child is born in Utah to a married woman, the law presumes that her husband is the child’s father. In most cases when the parents are not married, however, establishing paternity is necessary. From a legal standpoint, what that means is to h… Read More
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Utah Divorce: The Pretrial Conference

Most people who go through the Utah divorce process have never been through a divorce before. In addition to the other emotions divorce stirs up, not knowing what to expect can be anxiety-provoking. Understanding what is involved in the legal process… Read More
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Child Support

Can I Get Retroactive Child Support in Utah?

The answer to the question “Can I get retroactive child support in Utah?” depends on the circumstances of your situation. My Ex is Behind on Child Support. Can I Get Back Payments? When many people ask if they can get retroactive child support, t… Read More
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Baby walking with help of parents

What are Stepparents’ Rights in Utah?

Despite how stepparents are portrayed in fairy tales, in real life, they often have excellent relationships with their stepchildren—in some cases, a better relationship than the child has with his or her natural parent, especially if that parent ha… Read More
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Two broken golden wedding rings

The Average Cost of Divorce

There’s one thing almost everyone contemplating divorce wants to know: what is the average cost of divorce? That is a totally valid concern, especially since getting the act of getting divorced itself changes your cost of living and financial situa… Read More
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Divorced couple fighting for money

Motion for Temporary Relief in Utah Divorce Matters

During your marriage, you and your spouse lived in the same household, had a system for paying your shared bills, and spent time with your children. You probably didn’t think about it much; it all unfolded naturally. And after your divorce is final… Read More
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money wrapped as a gift

Your Annual Bonus May Affect Child Support Payments

Whether you’re paying child support in Utah or receiving it, you have a vested interest in making sure that the amount of child support payments is fair—both to you and your child. As you may know, child support in Utah is determined using the Ut… Read More
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Wedding rings hanging on by a thread of a breaking rope

Marriage Annulment in Utah

Most people who want to end a marriage in Utah need to do so through divorce. But in certain limited circumstances, there is another option: annulment. Annulment is the declaration that a marriage was null and void. Unlike a divorce, which terminates… Read More
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Family couple consultations with a lawyer

A Guide to Postnuptial Agreements in Utah

Most people are familiar with the idea of prenuptial agreements, which help couples understand each other’s financial position and values before marriage, and if necessary, simplify the process of divorce down the road. But fewer have a solid under… Read More
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