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Young girl resting in a box next to teddy bear after relocating with after divorce.

Relocating With Your Child After Divorce: Proving Relocation is Best for Your Child

Divorce is a major life change, for both the divorcing spouses and their children. Typically, after a divorce, it is ideal for parents to live near enough to one another for both of them to spend time regularly with the children. But life often conti… Read More
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Woman's hands holding a golden wedding ring. Concept for Does Domestic Violence Affect Your Divorce?

Does Domestic Violence Affect Your Divorce?

Divorce is never easy. But when a marriage involves domestic violence, divorce can be much more complicated. Domestic abuse may be the reason that one spouse decides to divorce. Sometimes, the high emotions of the divorce process contribute to one pa… Read More
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Mothers having fun with their son and pet. Rights of the Non-Biological Parent in Same-Sex Marriage

Rights of the Non-Biological Parent in Same-Sex Marriage

Becoming a parent, whether through giving birth, adoption, or surrogacy, is one of the most joyful experiences a person can have. Most parents do not have to think twice about their legal rights regarding their children; they can simply immerse thems… Read More
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Divorce Tips for Dads

Divorce Survival Tips for Dads

Divorce is hard under the best of circumstances. If you’re a father of minor children, it’s even harder. Not only do you have to deal with the loss of your marriage, and the financial upheaval that goes with it, you are facing a possible disrupti… Read More
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Alimony Myths

Alimony Myths in Utah

Alimony, also called “spousal support,” is one of the most misunderstood aspects of divorce. People may have an idea about how alimony in Utah works, but are often surprised to find out that they have bought into an alimony myth. If you find that… Read More
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Wedding rings placed on top of dollar bills. How to keep divorce costs down.

How to Keep Costs Down in Divorce

One of the things people dread most about divorce, besides the process itself, is how much it will cost. There is no doubt about it: divorce does cost money, and much of the cost comes from attorney fees. If you are thinking about divorce, you are pr… Read More
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do children get a say in child custody

Do Children Get a Say in Child Custody?

Anyone who has ever had a child knows that from a very young age, they have opinions about lots of things: what to wear, what they want to eat, whether they’re willing to take a nap. As they grow, so does their desire and ability to have input into… Read More
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financial mistakes during divorce

Common Financial Mistakes Made in Divorce Settlement

You have probably heard that it makes more financial sense to reach a divorce settlement with your spouse than to go to trial. That is usually true. In addition to giving you more control over the outcome, reaching settlement shortens the divorce pro… Read More
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Child Custody in Utah

Types of Child Custody in Utah

When parents of minor children don’t share a household, it becomes necessary to decide custody of the children. Often, the question of custody arises in a divorce, but it can also come up in the context of a paternity case or for unmarried parents… Read More
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child support calculation

How is Child Support Calculated in Utah?

Whenever married parents of minor children divorce or unmarried parents separate into different households, child support becomes an issue. Unlike many issues in divorce, like property division and alimony, child support is not something that parents… Read More
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