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Order of protection

How Does an Order of Protection Affect Child Custody?

It is usually in the best interest of a child to have regular and frequent contact with both parents when possible. Of course, it is also in the best interests of parents and children not to be subjected to threats and harm at the hands of an abuser.… Read More
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establishing paternity

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

When a child is born in Utah to a married woman, the law presumes that her husband is the child’s father. In most cases when the parents are not married, however, establishing paternity is necessary. From a legal standpoint, what that means is to h… Read More
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Coronavirus and Your Parent Time: What You Need to Know

In less than a month, the novel coronavirus has gone from a news story about a few cases in faraway countries to a global pandemic. As you read this, it’s likely that you know someone whose health or family member has been affected. Aside from the… Read More
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Happy Divorced Dad and Child on Bike - BartonWood

Can Divorce Be Good for Children?

Most of us know of an unhappy couple who stayed together longer than they should have “for the sake of the children.” And just about everyone has heard a report or study talking about how bad divorce can be for children: disrupting stabil… Read More
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Young Boy Talking to Woman Guardian ad Litem - BartonWood

What is the Difference Between Custody Evaluators and Private Guardians ad Litem?

Custody can be the thorniest aspect of any Utah divorce case. Even when a couple is generally amicable in unwinding their relationship, there may be a great deal of tension around how custody and parenting time are configured. Each parent may think t… Read More
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Undocumented Latino Father Hugging his Two Children - BartonWood

Can You Get Custody of Your Child if You are Undocumented?

Being an undocumented immigrant living in Utah, or anywhere in the United States, has its share of uncertainties. Many people prefer to live “below the radar,” avoiding contact with the legal system to avoid drawing the attention of the a… Read More
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Your Quick Guide To Utah Holiday Parent Time

Holiday parent time can be confusing. The confusion stems from the fact that holidays alternate from parent to parent depending on odd and even years. Thornier still is that holidays take precedence over regular parent time. Despite the potential for… Read More
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