Client Testimonials

Kara Barton is simply the best attorney in the state of Utah. She helped me navigate a very difficult divorce with a rock-solid game plan that minimized the trauma to me and my children. She has an uncanny ability to sift through mountains of info and help you focus on what's really important. I owe her my current peace of mind and financial stability, and still count on her to help me with the post-divorce dregs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Lynn C.

I arrived in Kara's office broken, my ex had been playing dirty tricks and had a new lawyer who was running circles around the three I had just been through. In my first visit, Kara said, "Your job is to relax and get your life back together, my job is to take care of what's happening in this divorce." And that's just what she did.

I was delighted that Kara is not only exceptionally sharp and capable, but at the same time scrupulously honest and moral. She kept me away from any form of vindictiveness, while at the same time expertly countering the moves of the other lawyer. In the end, I came out in a better position than when I came in, closer to where I should have been at the start.

I don't know how you find a divorce lawyer - at that moment, you are too broken to think straight or investigate deeply. From my experiences, I can recommend Kara's office highly, and hope she and her partners serve you as well as they did me.

– Alistair Cockburn

I have known Kara for a few years and recommend you working with her and her team. I went through a divorce many years ago and having an attorney that will aggressively go after your best interests means so much. Kara and her team will help be of great comfort to you during this very stressful time in your life.

– Jeff Donovan

Barton Law is very straight forward and honest. They are very knowledgeable and great at guiding you through the process.

– Ryan Weyland

This is The Best Family Law Firm in Salt Lake City. I am not just saying that because I have my life back again... They were so dedicated to my case, to my concerns and to my kids. I probably couldn't say enough about the responsive, intelligent and kind way they practice law. I will save all my lawyer jokes for the last firm I was with! I am so happy with my results, and would definitely recommend to my family and friends in the future. Night and Day difference from the other firms. I couldn't be more grateful.

– S. Balsen

I couldn't be happier with the legal services I received from Barton Law Offices.

Ashley Wood was very knowledgeable and was available every time I needed advice on legal/custody issues. She was always calm and collected even when I was emotional and stressed. Kara Barton is amazing. She really knows what she is doing and fought for me and my kids.

I would highly recommend them for anyone with family law needs. Fantastic service - they really care!

– Brad L., Woods Cross, UT

I have had a great experience with Bartonwood! Having worked with other firms in the past, a few things that I appreciated from Bartonwood is their honestly, straightforwardness, and willingness to get things done in a timely manor. They seem to work as a team instead of individually which makes it very easy to get things done and you feel that they know you on a personal basis. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need.

– Krystal Taylor

I had the most amazing experience at Bartonwood that anyone could ask for going through a divorce. I felt respected, and at ease the moment I walked through the door. Kara is phenomenal! She is smart, compassionate, to the point, and totally took the pressure off me. I knew me and my daughter were in good hands. She listened to every concern I had, and fought for everything I asked for. She is worth every penny --and then some! Brooke is fantastic! She spent countless hours on the phone with me easing my anxiety, and answering every question I had---no matter how big or small. She answered all of my emails, constantly gave me legal advice, and was there for me along the entire way. I would recommend Bartonwood to ANYONE going through a divorce. There's no better Law Office in the world.

– Jenny Gatehouse

I went through a nasty custody battle w/my ex that lasted three years. I absolutely LOVED working with both Kara and Ashley. They were on top of everything all the way. They helped me understand the legal process, and helped me do things that i could without their help to save some money. They treated me like a person, instead of a file name, and were easy to talk to. They were realistic with me, and helped me understand the times that I needed to step back or step down and allow my ex to have some leeway. They helped me keep a clear perspective and reminded me that it really is all abt what's the best for the kids. I feel like they are my friends. TRULY. :)

– Soo Mooney