I arrived in Kara's office broken, my ex had been playing dirty tricks and had a new lawyer who was running circles around the three I had just been through. In my first visit, Kara said, "Your job is to relax and get your life back together, my job is to take care of what's happening in this divorce." And that's just what she did.

I was delighted that Kara is not only exceptionally sharp and capable, but at the same time scrupulously honest and moral. She kept me away from any form of vindictiveness, while at the same time expertly countering the moves of the other lawyer. In the end, I came out in a better position than when I came in, closer to where I should have been at the start.

I don't know how you find a divorce lawyer - at that moment, you are too broken to think straight or investigate deeply. From my experiences, I can recommend Kara's office highly, and hope she and her partners serve you as well as they did me.