How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer for Your Case

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If you are considering parting ways with your spouse, you may be wondering how to pick the best divorce lawyer for your case. Every attorney takes a different approach and it’s important to carefully select one who you know is looking out for your best interests. Picking an attorney isn’t just a matter of choosing a name from a list — you need to have confidence in your attorney’s abilities and be comfortable discussing the details of your divorce with them.

Consider the Attorney’s Approach to Divorce

Different attorneys take different approaches — selecting the best divorce lawyer for your case doesn’t necessarily mean you should focus on choosing the most aggressive litigator. Consider what your priorities are and what method of divorce you might like to use in your case, whether it be negotiation, mediation, or the collaborative process. Although litigation may be required in cases where there is a power imbalance or spouses cannot reach an agreement between themselves, many cases can be resolved out of the courtroom. Pick an attorney who can help ensure your objectives are met.

Create a List of Questions for Your Initial Consultation

To help ensure you obtain the information you need to determine who the best divorce lawyer to handle your case is, compile a list of questions before your consultation. Some questions you might consider asking are:

  • How long have you handled divorce and family law cases?
  • Do you regularly handle cases like mine?
  • What is your approach?
  • How will we communicate about my case?
  • Do you resolve cases using alternative dispute resolution?

Importantly, no attorney will be able to predict the outcome of your case or provide you with the total cost. But you can still learn about their approach and their experience with similar cases to yours.

Choose an Attorney with a Similar Communication Style

Communication is essential when it comes to the attorney-client relationship. You should be able to reach out to your attorney easily and receive responses in a timely manner. It’s vital to work with an attorney who has a similar communication style to yours and who makes you feel heard. During your initial consultation, ask your attorney what methods of communication they use to correspond with clients and how often you should expect to receive updates about your case.

Find Out Whether the Attorney is Familiar with the Local Court

When selecting the best divorce attorney for your case, find out what their experience is in the court where your case will be heard. If your case will be litigated in the courtroom, it’s best to have an attorney who is familiar with the local judges and procedures of the court.

Pick an Attorney with Sound Judgment

Your divorce attorney shouldn’t simply tell you what you want to hear. Their job is to help you navigate the legal process and remain separate from the emotions in your case. While divorce is typically stressful and emotionally overwhelming, a good attorney should provide objective opinions about the details of your case and let you know if a request you are making is not possible.

Make Sure Your Attorney Has the Knowledge and Experience Necessary to Handle Your Case

The attorney you choose should have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle all the aspects of your specific case. For instance, if your divorce involves a significant amount of assets, child custody matters, domestic violence, or other unique issues, it’s critical to work with an attorney who can skillfully advise you. Your attorney should also be able to refer you to other professionals, if necessary — including accountants, investment advisors, therapists, appraisers, and others.

Select an Attorney Who You are Comfortable With

You will need to share a lot of personal information with your divorce attorney. The best divorce attorney for your case should be one who you feel comfortable sharing the details about your marriage with. At your initial consultation, consider whether your personalities are compatible, and the attorney will offer the representation — and compassion — that you need.

Consider Attorney Costs

Divorce can be time-consuming and costly. Significantly, fees can vary widely, depending on the attorney’s experience and reputation. Find out what the attorney’s fee structure is and how much the initial retainer will be. While it’s important to consider your budget, your decision should not be based solely on costs. You should not select an attorney based on who is the least or most expensive. Rather, you should choose an attorney with reasonable fees who you are confident can handle your case effectively.

Contact an Experienced Utah Divorce and Family Law Attorney

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