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Order of protection

How Does an Order of Protection Affect Child Custody?

It is usually in the best interest of a child to have regular and frequent contact with both parents when possible. Of course, it is also in the best interests of parents and children not to be subjected to threats and harm at the hands of an abuser.… Read More
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stepparent rights

What Rights Do Stepparents Have After Divorce?

For many children, a loving stepparent is just like a parent. Maybe the stepparent came into their life when they were very young, and the child cannot remember a time when they didn’t live with the stepparent. Maybe the child’s natural parent wa… Read More
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no fault divorce

Should I File a Fault or No-Fault Divorce?

Once upon a time, most states, including Utah, required proof of fault by one spouse in order to grant a divorce. The requirement of fault to grant a divorce served the public policy of preserving marriage and preventing impulsive divorces. Unfortuna… Read More
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Happy Divorced Dad and Child on Bike - BartonWood

Can Divorce Be Good for Children?

Most of us know of an unhappy couple who stayed together longer than they should have “for the sake of the children.” And just about everyone has heard a report or study talking about how bad divorce can be for children: disrupting stabil… Read More
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Upset Woman Whose Ex Won't Follow Divorce Decree - BartonWood

What to Do if Your Ex Isn't Following Your Divorce Decree

Your divorce decree, at least one judge has said, is the “private law of your divorce.” These are the rules that you and your ex have agreed (or a judge has decided) are going to govern every aspect of your dealings post-divorce. Your div… Read More
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